Terms and Conditions

In order for Shipjp to provide the overseas transfer service, the following regulations will be established.
These are the regulations that need to be understood and agreed upon for the clients to use the Overseas Transfer Service. (Referred to Transfer Agreement)

  • The overseas transfer service is as follows; the clients purchase products from E-commerce Merchants (Referred to as EC)
    located in Japan, then the products purchased will be held at Shipjp’s warehouse, and once a payment is made Shipjp will ship the product to the address the client specified.
  • Shipjp is not liable for purchasing or agreeing to the EC’s Terms and Conditions.
    Shipjp will not be liable for defective products or the obstruction of the Intellectual Property Law
  • Shipjp is not liable for the shipping contract of the transport carrier.
    Shipjp only ships after receiving authorization from the client. Shipjp is not liable for shipping accidents, delay, damaged, or other shipping related problems.
  • Shipjp has the right to determine which products can and cannot be shipped depending on the type, size, weight, value, and delivery location of the product.
  • Please be aware that, shipping requests cannot be canceled.
  • Any documents or books will be verified without consent. Shipjp may dispose of these items using Shipjp’s discretion.
  • The weight shown is including the packaging materials. The weight shown during the estimate is simply the weight of the boxes combined.
    There may be cases where the final weight of the package differs from the weight that was provided. Whether the package is heavier or lighter than the weight provided Shipjp will not claim or return the amount.

Transfer service prohibited products

Please be aware, the products listed below are products that cannot be shipped.

Explosives Fireworks, Party Poppers, Bullets
Flammable liquid Lighter, Paint or any paint materials
High-pressure gas Fire hydrant, Aqua-Lung, Dust Eliminating Spray, Concentrated Oxygen, Helium gas, Any type of gas (Lighters, Heaters, etc)
Flammable items Matches, Lighters
Oxidizing materials Oxygen generator, Bleach, Peroxide, Hair dying paste
Poisonous materials Pesticides, Agricultural chemical, Chloroform, Cement
Corrosive substances Mercury, Battery
Radioactive material Plutonium, radium, uranium, cesium
Illegal drugs Drugs or any psychoactive drugs
Living creatures Live animals
Obscene materials Obscene or Misdeed articles

Paying for the Transferring Service

  • The EMS price from Japan is the only amount that needs to be paid.
    Shipjp has the right to change this at any time with or without notice.
  • The client is liable for any fees that occur at Customs.

Regarding package inspection

  • ShipJP.Shipjp will open packages, and inspect the products that were purchased.
    Inspection is not Shipjp’s obligation. Shipjp does not inspect the following, the quality, if there are defects, if the product is authentic, or if it is legal to import the specific product.
  • If, however Shipjp determines the item to be used for criminal use, Shipjp will report the item and assist law enforcement.
  • Shipjp will not be held liable if the product purchased causes any problems to the client.

Regarding the provision of the transferring service

Whether Shipjp accepted the transfer service or not, Shipjp has the right to decline the service if:

  • - The product is a prohibited product
  • - Shipjp is not able to verify an address
  • - The product is stopped by Customs
  • - The Transfer Agreement is obstructed
  • - Pay upon arrival has been selected
  • - Shipjp determined the product to be impertinent

Disposing products

  • When a prohibited product is delivered to Shipjp, Shipjp has the right to dispose the product with or without notice.
    Shipjp is also not liable if disposing the product causes any problems to the client.

Change or abolishment of the transferring service

  • ShipJP.Shipjp has the right to change or abolish the transferring service.
  • Shipjp is not liable for any problems or inconveniencies that may be caused to the client due to change or abolishment.

Prohibited Matters

Shipjp prohibits the client to take the following actions or actions that may be associated to the following:

  • - Using the transferring service for a wrongful act
  • - Any act that may cause obstruction to Shipjp’s (or a third party’s) trademark, copyright, design right, patent or intellectual property rights, or publicity rights
  • Action leading to a crime of fraud, etc.
  • - Impersonating a third party, and using the transfer service
  • - Using Shipjp’s (or a Third Partys’) equipment to cause hindrance to public order, the law, or the Transfer Agreement
  • - Obstruction of the transfer service
  • - Any action that Shipjp determines to be inadequate

Conflict of Laws and Jurisdiction

  • The Transfer Agreement and the individual contract will follow the jurisdiction of Japan.
    Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court in the first instance.

Shipjp has the right to claim compensation for loss or damage from the client, if the client’s obstruction of the Transfer or Individual contract affects Shipjp in any way.

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