How Shipjp Works

  1. Free registration

    Takes as little as one minute!
    Register your delivery address.

  2. Receive an address in Japan

    Use this for the shipping address when purchasing products.

  3. Shop

    Shop online for the products you want to purchase. Example: Rakuten, Amazon JP, Yahoo auctions, Department stores, Specialty stores

  4. Delivered to your address in Japan

  5. Inspected and informed

    You will be informed of which packages have arrived.

  6. Package will ship out to your home address

    The package will be shipped using EMS. Have a peace of mind, knowing there will be compensations for damaged products.

  7. Package delivered

    Products from Japan, delivered to your door!

4 simple steps

Shipjp is hassle free, there are no complications. There are just 4 simple steps to start shopping!

  1. 1. Free registration!
    Takes as little as one minute. You will receive an address in Japan at no cost.

  2. 2. Shopping
    Having an address in Japan allows you to purchase products that sellers won’t ship overseas. Just use the address that you received when purchasing products.

  3. 3. Shipping process
    Once the products arrive, we will notify you via email. Select the products you would like to have shipped through the “My Page” pane. Products you selected will be sent to your home.

  4. 4. Delivery complete

The quick and simple registration (Takes as little as one minute)

Free registration

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